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gua•no (gwä‚no) n.1. a natural manure composed chiefly of the excrement of sea birds, found esp. on islands near the Peruvian coast. 2. any similar substance, as an artificial fertilizer made from fish. in•ter•stel•lar (in ter stel ar) adj.Astron. situated or occurring between the stars: interstellar dust.

Interstellar Guano - The cartoon version of what goes on in Bill Ellison's mind. His off - beat humor sometimes goes over the edge with these single panel gag cartoons. Ellison's cartoons have been seen on select bathroom stall walls and above urinals throughout this great land of ours. He has also been published in Laughing Matters, Inside the Second City, The Performing Arts Monthly, The National "Hey Slagle" newsletter, Nichibi Journal, Paper Dance News, Barfly, Chicago bar journal The Tap, and as greeting cards on the former website. His comic books have adorned the bookshelves from coast to coast under the A.W.E. label. Well, Ellison has been at it again and this is his latest book. His first cartoon book featuring his work was published in 1996 and he named it "We're Surrounded by Idiots. Then in 2009 he came out with a novel about his adventures at Michigan State University back in the 1970's entitled "The Chefs...Campus Pie Assassins. A Pie in Every Eye." Then in 2014 he came up with "The Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs Of Earth." Now, here at the end of 2014 he would like to present to you the latest collection of his cartoons in this edition of "Interstellar Guano, the cartoons of Bill Ellison." Alas, he was once a normal boy.


The Outlaw Motorcycle Clubs of Earth. Paperback – June 1, 2014 by A. W. Ellison

A. W. Ellison, AKA Billius, Wild Bill and Billy Seven, is a motorcyclist and a motorcycle rider coach for the Motorcycle Safety Foundation of America. He began riding in 1988 and has been fascinated with the “other side” of motorcycling – the outlaw motorcycle gangs. From The Wild Ones to The Wild Angles to Easy Rider, to name but a few, Ellison has viewed the films on the subject and never tires of the genre. He’s read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance and Jupiter’s Travels, books on the motorcycling experience. He also has recorded episodes of Then Came Bronson, a T.V. series that ran from 1969 to 1970, starring Michael Parks as Jim Bronson, a disillusioned young man traveling the country on his motorcycle. Ellison has put this book together on the “One Percenters”, the outlaw motorcycle clubs that have captured the admiration and fears of people that comprise Earth’s general population.


The Chefs...Campus Pie Assassins: A Pie In Every Eye Paperback by A. W. Ellison

This is the story of The Chefs...Campus Pie Assassins, as they pied professors during lectures in humungous lecture halls at Michigan State University from 1979 to 1981. The story covers how The Chefs came into being and came to be nationally known student pranksters during an era of free love, not having to register for the draft, and boozing-it-up legally at 18. Read about Thiamin, Niacin, Riboflavin, Carbohydrate, Calcium and Potassium Sorbate as they disciplined the faculty and mocked the status quo. So sit back, relax, enjoy your favorite beverage, smoke it if you got it, and read a tale for which the world was not yet prepared. Viva les Chefs!


"We're Surrounded by Idiots!": Paperback by Bill Ellison

You're surrounded by Idiots. I'm surrounded by Idiots. "We're Surrounded by Idiots!" is a 124 page collection of the crazy cartoons of Bill Ellison., AKA A. William Ellison. You'll find single panel gags such as NANOOK WILL BE LATE FOR WORK, DRIVING 200 HEAD, and the forgettable RAPE, PILLAGE AND PONDER. You'll find three months worth of the daily comic strip BILLIUS, the adventure series TEX GALACTICA...COWBOY IN OUTER SPACE, the 1 DER BAR series of weekly strips and the Maverick Brothers musical satire of THE BOYHOOD NIXON. This limited collector's edition can't be found anywhere else, so you can order it directly here! This is a limited 1st edition so don't delay, order today, and this collector's edition will be yours for only $5!

"Gags, strips and stories by Bill, some of which are genuinely FARSIDE funny" -Timothy R. Corrigan, Small Press Creative Explosion.